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Anyone can propose a marriage over dinner, but choosing the perfect location is key!

Top 10 Unusual Places to Propose a Marriage

Being in a relationship can be really great, but not all couples always experience smooth sailing in the long-term. Although most people know that being a part of a couple requires compromise and effort to keep the spark alive, many people might be s

In every moment, you can choose to focus on what's working about your relationship and what you love about your partner or what's not working and what annoys you. If you're a glass half-empty type of

"How to find the Perfect Man" A typical session with a client often begins with this dialogue: "I'm with a great guy and we're so well-matched. He loves me and accepts me and I've never felt so safe with anyone.

The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships - great description of how it feels to be home with little ones!

The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

Relationship Questions: If we don't want throwaway answers, we can't ask throwaway questions. A caring question is a key that will unlock a room inside the person you love.

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage. Great post about how to better a marriage, dos and don'ts from a guy who has been through 2.

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage

16 ways I blew my marriage - stop and read. This is a humorous, thought-provoking article that as a marriage counselor I actually do agree with. It is secular, with no claims of biblical advice, but also incredibly practical.

6 Warning Signs You Need To Know If You're Dating Online

6 Warning Signs You Need To Know If You're Dating Online

If you’ve ever ventured to a dating website, you know of the horrors that await. Mixed messages, rejection, Houdinis (i. potential dates that seemingly vanish into thin air), and the general

10 compliments your husband needs to hear

I NEED to work on this. 10 compliments your husband needs to hear (I use these all the time! I can really see a difference in my hubby's attitude when he knows how much I love and appreciate him)

Experience Healthy Weight Loss By Eating Slower  “How in the world can I experience healthy weight loss by eating slower?” you just asked yourself. Right? If you didn’t maybe you should have. In this article I will tell you how this works and tell you how this can benefit you health wise and weight loss wise.

gov is a site that provides news information on illnesses ranging from a runny nose to chronic health conditions. The site allows for educating users on basic information on the most popular illnesses through tips and general overviews.

Brilliant article on silencing the inner critic and learning to experience the perfect imperfect moments.

25 Signs You're Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn't Feel Like It).boy, does this give a little positive perspective after the last month.

Looking to spruce up your relationship? Check out these 50 cheap date ideas!

50 Cheap Date Ideas

Looking for some ways to save money but still bond with your significant other? Check out these 50 cheap date ideas!

Date idea <3

Life Hackable - Romantic Date Idea: Blow up a kiddie pool and fill it with pillows and blankets. No itchy grass. Just a night under the stars.

3 Beliefs That Will Attract The Love Of Your Life - mindbodygreen.com

What if I told you your beliefs set the foundation for what you'll create in relationships? There was a time when I didn't know this, and the state of my relationships was proof that I was in the

Feeling Stuck? 4 Ways To Turn Obstacles Into Success

William Cole Alzheimer’s disease is now at epidemic proportions. With million Americans and 1 in 8 people 65 and over currently living with the condition, Alzheimer’s disease…

¡Atrévete a ser diferente!

20 Signs You're A Spiritually Healthy Person <-- Slowly but surely getting there!

Home Date Nights

The Secret to Awesome Home Date Nights

This little discovery has rocked our marriage in the best possible way. This is the BEST home date night idea ever! Plus, it's pretty darn frugal compared to a night out.