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When you're a fast texter, two minutes is a long time to wait for a reply.

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Things Teens do and Quotes of different stuffies. I post everything you can relate to in your.

Its me isn't it?

Me. That friend is me. Ask literally any of my friends. Don't ask acquaintances they will call me quite af. Ask my friends.

Great idea. I always look better when the picture is taken by an iphone instead of an expensive camera. Wonder why?


The entire yearbook would be filled with pictures of food. and duck faces. so many duck faces

Triangles have 3 points. A love triangle of pizza makes a dot not a triangle. You need pizza, pie, and cake to make a real love triangle.

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my crush is always staring at me when I try to stare at him and then we make eye contact, look away, and start blushing.