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I'd Rather Be a Conservative Nut Job than a Liberal With No Nuts and No Job

Being the best father ever

Being the best father ever

World's best father. I am absolutely in love with this guy! He is, without a doubt, the most awesome dad EVER! When I have kids, I'll punish them if needed reading Twilight muahahahah!


11 Ways You’re Forcing Him to Run

so true.I usually pin a workout and then a dessert right after.

The struggle is real. I'm dying hahahaha

The causes of kids crying

Reasons why kids cry. I love this because so many people who don't have kids think you've done such a horrible crime when your child is crying when in reality, it is over down thing silly

I'm going to start a "mom text message" board. Problem is, my mom doesn't know how to text.

Top News: "IT IS TIME NOW: President Barack Obama Should Visit Nigeria" - http://www.politicoscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Barack-Obama-Headline-News-1024x683.jpg - A July visit by President Obama would provide an opportunity to open a dialogue. Read more.  on Politicoscope - http://www.politicoscope.com/it-is-time-now-president-barack-obama-should-visit-nigeria/.

it's Bush's fault.I don't think so idiot!the worst president EVER cannot be responsible for anything, "he knows nothing"!


Free, Somewhat Topical Ecard: Dear Lord, Please tell someone who ISN'T crazy to run for President.


They don't know what they are talking about, obama is THE worst President EVER! PLEASE America VOTE TRUMP to end political corruption and SAVE our great country

If this is true, I suppose not only does he not like the white man, he isn't too fond of black women either.

Obama's Aunt is now dead. In 2008 she passed and Obama did not attend her funeral. He was playing golf.

I have always lived my life without regrets, I accept things & ppl for what they are but Now other ppl actions have made me have Many Regrets..

True,You cant change anyone,just live your own life. Imagine the time it has finally taken to realize this in our Life and, Live it or give it our, Best Shot !