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Sharp selfie: Hardy poses with his iPhone for a choice shot with a heavy on the door


tom-hardy-emily-browning-wide-awake-for-legend-night-shooting. So funny he took a selfie

What’s better than Tom Hardy?? Two Tom Hardy’s!!! In the brand new trailer for the upcoming film Legend, the Mad Max star pulls double duty as twin gangsters in 1960s era London. Reggie Kray is a rising star in the gang world, he’s the brains. Ronnie is his mentally-unstable brother, he’s the brawn.

'Legend' trailer: Tom Hardy packs a punch as twin gangsters

Video: Tom Hardy doubles up as the Kray Twins in Legend trailer - Telegraph

Frank y Claire: sus despiadadas frases en House of Cards - Grupo Milenio

Frank y Claire: sus despiadadas frases en 'House of Cards'

Emily Browning films Legend scenes as Frances Kray with Tom Hardy

#gif_of_hardy Tom Hardy as Ronnie Kray in Legend

Tom Hardy as Ronnie and Reggie Kray in “Legend”

Boys: The Kray twins Reggie and Ronald light cigarettes over a cup of tea

How were Frank Sinatra and Morrissey mixed up with the Krays?

In 1952 after refusing to do National Service the twins were jailed and became among the last prisoners held at the Tower of London, before being transferred to Shepton Mallet military prison in Somerset for a month, to await court-martial.

Tom Hardy and Paul Anderson - Peaky Blinders

Tom and Paul Anderson on the set of Legend - I love how well these two obviously get on.