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Sometimes I sit on my left hand until it goes numb, and then I put my right hand in mu left hand and pretend i'm holding hands with another person.

Raj, you win…

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One of those things where you wish that exact situation would arise so you could use that line.

funny big bang theory screen cap sheldon die accident leonard that's how i'm going to make it look


In the event of a power outage, luminous paint will guide you to the nearest exit. Season 4 Episode 24 – The Roommate Transmogrification ::)

The Best Of Sheldon Cooper – 30 Pics

This is my favorite episode of the big bang theaory just because of this part. I crack up every time he pops out of the ball pit and says "bazinga"

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Lolol^^^^the episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny and Leonard acted like a divorced couple with shared custody of Sheldon. It also happened to be my favorite episode