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< Комиксы: Стар Против Сил Зла >

< Комиксы: Стар Против Сил Зла >

It sounds so fucking stupid but I ship these two XD Even though they're the same person

I don't get it when people ship characters with themselfs

We meet agent shiro bubbles in the Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU~ taffydesu.tumblr.com/tagged/kl… www.instagram.com/taffydesu/ twitter.com/taffydesu

I'm just angry because this is a Lilo and Stitch reference and none of these Voltron or whatever fans seem to get it

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The Master and the Disciples

The Master and the Disciples

Keith / Lance | Shiro

Space dad to the rescue! Shiro x Allura are my hetero OTP.

Blind Lance AU<< oh this breaks my heart // I don't ship klance, but this is so cute and It looks like a brotp too

Blind Lance AU<< oh this breaks my heart<<< this is hilarious. "Hey Lance did you see that?" Sounds like a avatar line twords toph befong.<< i was thinking the same thing. I demand an ATLA/ voltron crossover with that line now

*you can hear screaming in the distance*

Klance, Keith as the wolf and Lance as the sheep, so cute!

He's trying so hard! I just... AGH

Keith / Lance<<< Keith looks so proud of himself in that last panel lol

THIS IS ME!...and I feel like this would be anyone thats scared of spiders

Some things may seem bigger and scarier on a. - I'm Emi and I draw stuff