Chevrolet Silverado trucks

From what I can see in this pic, this truck looks about perfect to me, would love to own it. From the year of the truck, the amount of lift is proportional & not stupid big. to the tire/rim choice & condition of the truck.

Hahahaha chevy ford jokes

A boy in my class was trying to tell me that fords are better than Chevys. Then a girl behind me says,"When we bought Chevys, they always fired back on us." And I said,"It's backfired, and are you sure that your operating it correctly?

Old chevy truck experiences? - Page 2 - Honda-Tech

71 Chevy truck everything is awesome about this truck! Except they blacked out the chrome on the headlights.

1957 Chevy 4x4 Pick-Up Truck ( On Modern Frame And Drive Train )

1957 Chevy Pick-Up Truck ( On Modern Frame And Drive Train ), looks like the one Classic Truck Rescue got?