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If I give you my phone number will you randomly text me and act like a dog? Please....


Art hahahahhahahah omg too much. i love the dog texts. but im not quite sure how a dog can text without opposable thumbs. so-hilarrriooous

Unattended Children Poster

Unattended Children Poster

In Stock. Ships in days. Know some parents that are letting their kids run around and terrorize anything and everything in their path? This poster will let them know the score in your

What it sometimes feels like to be the first responder to a 911 call. Written from the perspective of an EMT Paramedic, but it certainly applies to firefighters and police officers as well.

We all could stand to remember this next time you may want to criticize a medic bringing you a patient.

Yep everytime

The look I give my boss when asked if I want to work overtime. It's every day am in it get asked, it's still No! Over it.