Explore Copic Colors, Colours and more!

Names of colors in English: Can some native speaker tell me if you really use all these names?: Thanks!

What is your favorite color? Can your Favorite color reveal your true personality? Check them all out:

English teacher: Comparison

The Comparative in pictures: Thanks to ISL for this activity IRREGULAR Comparison : Learn, watch and practise on the CO.

Express yourself with these English idioms!

Simple Future

Future Tense (will/shall or be going to) – Sınavlar

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Whats the weather like?

a powerpoint presentation which is intented to teach or revise vocabulary related to weather conditions.

If you don't know how to learn phrasal verbs use a strategy that’s going to help you to internalize them.

I share with you another strategy to learn phrasal verbs easily. Work with phrasal verbs on a daily basis in order to internalize them naturally.

Cambridge Primary English Activity Book 1 Preview Cambridge Primary English Activity Book 1. Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle, Cambrdige University Press. Available November 2014

Cambridge Primary English Activity Book 1