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Good morning sweetie I hope you're feeling good today and you got a good nights rest. I hope you have a great day today. I'll be at work and in case I don't respond to your messages right away know that I will when I get a chance. Be safe and take care of yourself today. I adore and miss you a lottle muah : )

Good morning beautiful, how is my princess? I had a wonderful dream about us. I love you so much baby! Sneak away and see me baby? Lisa Ann, I have fallen so in love with you, my heart hurts when we are not together!

I miss u dad.we all miss you more than words can convey.I can't stand this sadness.But knowing I will see you again in heaven makes me so HAPPY. Tu me manques.

7 morning habits that will change your life: What do you feel right after you open your eyes in the morning?  Chances are, all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. In today’s post I’ll talk about few of my daily habits that make me feel excited for each morning. |Thirteen Thoughts

7 morning habits that will change your life

I think I’m in love with this design from the Silhouette Design Store!

Am caught between wanting to get up and be excited that I see DBTs tonight and succumbing to those ultra comfortable little dozes experienced when you have no conviction when it comes to waking up!

Daddy Allan, remember telling me this? That the reason that you've met me late in your life is because we are the ones who are meant to be together, forever. Love you and our little boy so much. Thank you for makig me the happiest girl

I love this quote so much. I gave my hubby a jar full of notes for Christmas, red ones representing reasons I love him, yellow ones representing quotes and lyrics, white ones representing moments and memories. I put this quote in there and he loved it!

this is my past tense. stop haunting me. get out of my head, my heart

Being Friends is Good Enough: Catching Fire (2013)

You said you have a "general idea" . Fur reals though! You are a HUGE part of my optimism and inspiration and countless smiles everyday even when you're back in the South.

It’s not just the receiving part but even typing and sending a silly, simple and heartfelt message to wish your love first thing in the morning, have a good day, be safe out there my love.