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Homestuck Sollux Captor, Eridan Ampora, and Feferi Peixes EriSol

feferi and sollux - Pesquisa Google

My friends actually ship karkat and fef SO hard.o xD haha that eridan is killing me though. T_T its so kawaii.<< Eridan and feferi nnng


Poor baby Eridan<<<baby need hug plz hug baby for me someone

Aww Karkat don't be mean to Sollux. It's probably his first time eating Honey Combs. Don't be a little 2hiit.

Sollux baby why u bee ( see what I did there?) so cuuuuteee

OMGGG LOOK AT THE WITTLE ERIDAN HES SO CUUUUTE<<<--- ;-; feels of goodness but feels of sadness idk but ERIDAN YOURE SO CUTE JUST UGH

why are the amporas so lowkey adoRABLE LIKE ? 'hey i could kill you in one hit 'yeah okay sure but you're cute so uh nah

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Some of these sound similar to some romances in homestuck. We roll with everything.

Homestuck fanart. Kill The Lights by the totally awesome Xamag. - Seen the music video made with this, but never the original before, had to repin :).

I made Homestuck fanart. Kill The Lights by the totally awesome Xamag, that's the song lyrics.

Homestuck Grubs

Grub Karkat and baby John, I love how Karkat is growling but John think it's the funniest thing! Me doe I would still do that even if karkat scremed I will hold on to his horns for dear life XD