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Джон Уик 2 (John Wick: Chapter Two). Новый трейлер.

What's the John Wick Chapter 3 setting? Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski teases some of the international locations they're considering for the sequel.

Режиссер Чад Стахелски рассказал о «Джоне Уике 2» и ремейке «Горца»

While David Leitch tackles 'Deadpool his 'John Wick' co-director Chad Stahelski will be taking on a 'Highlander' reboot.

Киану Ривз рассказал, что никогда не станет отцом: Слишком поздно

The Esquire Interview: Keanu Reeves - Bill & Ted. For 25 years, Keanu Reeves has been one of the movie industry's most bankable stars. And he stays on top without ever losing his outsider cool.

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Keanu Reeves: 5 Lessons We Can Learn From the Difficult Life Story of This Actor. Actor Keanu Reeves who is best known for the role of Neo in The Matrix

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The best action roles of #KeanuReeves http://www.cinema.com.my/articles/features_details.aspx?search=2017.f_bestactionroleskeanureeves_33813&title=The-best-action-roles-of-Keanu-

Funny lol -- I didn& know it was in the soundtrack and freaked out as I heard it (John Wick) Daily Funny jokes

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John Wick - Publicity still of Keanu Reeves. The image measures 5000 * 3949 pixels and was added on 14 October


Keanu Reeves Drops Clues About 'John Wick Story

jonathan strange and mr norrell bbc - Google Search

jonathan strange and mr norrell bbc - Google Search