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Little Miss No Name doll.  I had one of these in the '60's.  Scary, sad doll!! LOL!

Little Miss No Name doll. I had one of these in the Scary, sad doll!

.little miss no name

.little miss no name


Funny pictures about A summer well spent. Oh, and cool pics about A summer well spent. Also, A summer well spent.

1968 cost of living

1968 cost of living.

I'll share a pool with Maggie, but don't let her near the gin unsupervised. Glug, glug.

Luscious on Pinterest: Pinterest Beach life board

vintage swim hats I remember having to wear bathing caps in all pools, no exceptions. Loved the pretty ones, but was always stuck with the cheap boring ones that never were big enough for my waist length pigtails.

Merde! - Industrial design

Vintage Photo booth brings up vintage memories :). My daughter used one of these at her wedding, was great idea

Liddle Kiddles.  These are the first ones from the early 60s. I was sooooo obsessed with Kiddles. But they were all my sister's and her friends.

These are the first ones from the early Another item about which I had totally forgotten! I had the sailor girl

Glass Marbles. Shhhh, I still have some of mine.

Glass Toy Marbles - Vintage I still love marbles! Used to play them at recess in elementary school. The principal regarded it as gambling and put a stop to it. I was a elementary recess, draw a circle in the dirt, marble gambler too!

Still have a few!

Wheat-back pennies; Why do they want to get rid of pennies? I say bring back penny candy! Then, maybe more people will circulate pennies. kn (I have heard of the real reason, and Canada just did away with their penny, so timing was right.

Mercurochrome - Notice the lovely color? As you might have guessed from the name, it contained mercury. Yup. Moms all across the nation were swabbing open wounds with a concoction made from stuff now well-known to cause brain damage, kidney failure, and birth defects. Wheeeeeee!

Mercurochrome and Merthialate for our boo-boos.nothing like painting it orange.We called this monkey blood, which grossed me out as a kid that they would take a monkey's blood to help my cuts. I remember thinking "does this make me part monkey"?