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This ring dates from 1728; the absolute height of the memento mori style. It not only features the affectation of the ‘coffin’ shaped crystal, but it encapsulates the skeleton inlaid in black enamel around the band. Further to this, the element of the full skeleton inside the coffin crystal completes the sentiment. There is nowhere on the jewel that death is not represented.

This ring dates from the height of the memento mori style. It features a coffin-shaped crystal with a full skeleton inside, plus a skeleton inlaid in black enamel curves around the band.

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Top 5 relógios-caveira

This seventeenth century memento mori skull pocket watch is kept in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England Holy steampunk!

A full skeleton circles the band of this gold and enamel memento mori ring, circa 1727. A crown hovers above the skull, which, as the dealer notes, signifies that “death is the master of all.”    A crystal and gold coffin protects yet another skeleton, this one painted in gold on a black background. The inside of the band is engraved with the initials “JB” and the year 1727.

Skeletal coffin ring A rare example of an century memento mori skeletal band, dated A full skeleton, reserved on black enamel, encircles the gold hoop of the ring. Unusually, there.

Rococo Memento Mori Skull Band, c. 1745

Fabulous Memento Mori gold and black enamel scrolled Rococo band dated The enamelled scrolls read : Mary Mount Ob 26 June 1745 aet 59 and the front scrolls are decorated with a skull, crossbones and a gravedigger's pick and shovel.

Renaissance Gimmel Ring with Memento Mori Date: dated 1631 Culture: German Dimensions: Height 29.61 mm; exterior diam. 23.7 mm; bezel 14.25 x 12.18 mm.; Weight 13.75 grams

Renaissance Gimmel Ring with Memento Mori Date: dated 1631 Culture: German Dimensions: Height mm; bezel x mm.

Memento Mori ring    Late 17th century, The Ashmolean Museum

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Memento Mori: Remember that you must one day die Memento Vivere: Remember that you must also live

"Memento Mori" by yuumei.deviantart.com on #deviantART

motherlandchr: “Guest art from Wenqing Yan aka Yuumei! maid-en-china: “ Memento Mori I had the honor of participating in Zemotion’s Motherland Chronicles project. I decided to reinterpret one of her.