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Big Bang Theory beards.

Hahaha I love how Howard, Leonard, and Raj are covered in hair and how Sheldon has his little beard!

The absolute best conversation in the entire world!!!!

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) helps Penny (Kaley Cuoco) fill out a form for the hospital. Question: "When was your last mentrual cycle?" Answer: "Next question!" Retort: "I'll put 'In progress'"

Boys from The Big Bang Theory...nerdsexy!

Boys from The Big Bang Theory (I've always had such a big crush on Johnny Galecki. He has definitely better looking as he has gotten older.

Starting a rumble at a comic book store!

Starting a rumble in a comic book store is the last thing you wanna do.

Die joffrey die!

Dexter - Game of Thrones.Joffrey doesn't stand a chance against Dexter Yes!

25 years after The Princess Bride... Everyone was there... Except The Brute Squad. They didn't forget Andre'

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later. I love how they have a picture of Andre the Giant (Fezzik) since he had died. Also absolutely love this movie

<3 Big Bang Theory The Susan Boyle one about made me laugh out loud.

Big bang theory is awesome

Big Bang Theory cast re-creating famous scenes/people. Leonard as Susan Boyle is a personal fave.


how is it that Sheldon and Amy look the best? (The Big Bang Theory cast with sex-hair)