Virtual reality, quite interested by this idea at the moment!

Don’t “date a girl in startups.” Hire a woman for your startup By Ladybits on Medium - Tech-savvy women creating the content we want to consume.

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DIY: Build your own Google Cardboard VR viewer

In less than three hours, I constructed a virtual reality viewer from a used pizza box somebody had thrown away. Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need, along with some tips and tools for doing it right.

Neil Cicierega Tumblr. | 80s Computers: TERRIFYING CUBES EMERGING FROM THE...

Surrogate Self - A series of visuals, ideas and images collected by a geek…

Hugo Gernsback's 1963 television eyeglasses anticipated virtual reality / Boing Boing

it all started with one simple idea turned into a mind blowing amount of idea's.

Narcisse Magazine "Those Without Shadows" desert fashion editorial, gold visor

Christoph Köstlin - those without Shadows // 07 // Namibia // Sossusvlei // desert editorial // fashion editorial // black skin // fashion model // african model // south africa // golden helmet

VR will not be the new paradigm for storytelling. Heres why.

VR will not be the new paradigm for storytelling. Here’s why.

Dior Eyes is a Branded Virtual Reality Headset for Interacting with Clients #tech

Couture VR Experiences

Printed Dior Eyes: French Fashion House Allows Fans Behind the Scenes With This Device