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Dishonored. Great game!

Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Arriving On 11 December, Screens Released


To be fair, same principle applies to reading a good book. Both with a grain of salt and the world can just slip away if only for awhile.

Corvo Attano LARP (NEED THIS!!! )

gamercosplay: “ Corvo Attano from Dishonored Cosplay by Black Krogoth Photography by Chou-Wa Photography Sword Prop by Propped Up Creations ”

Dishonored, I see a little cameo of a pair of "twins"~ X3

ehhh more Dishonored junk At some point in the game Emily tells Corvo something along the lines of "I made a list of all the swear words the Admiral uses. Callista made me throw it away.