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Onomatopoeia Art~  Great activity to do when learning about onomatopoeia.  Kids would love this!

artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art Doing this for final writing share. Table tents will have categories- authors who use sound - authors who use talking - authors who stretch out a small moment using.

Onomatopoeia art! Love it!!!

artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art could work for and up. Love the color and Pop art design

Roy Lichtenstein--Primary colors, paint stamping.  Zip, Zap, Zoom, Boom, Pop, Pow!

This is a favorite lesson for my graders, focusing on the fun artist, Roy Lichtenstein ! We look at a variety of his pop art images, .

Tekst in een strip.

Super Hero Art: Onomatopeoia Pop Art in the comic book inspired style of Roy Lichtenstein

awesome artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art

artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art

pizza adjectives/ poem

After reading the fun book "Yum, Yuck", we brainstormed all the words we could think of about pizza. Students wrote pizza poems and published them onto their own slice of pizza. A writing idea for yr 1