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Octavia, Raven, Clarke, Lexa | The 100 at Hogwarts<< this is amazing but i think Lexa would be a Slytherin.

Octavia, Raven, Clarke, & Lexa sorted into Hogwarts houses. This is questionable bc I think Octavia is a Gryffindor but it's still amazing nonetheless

The Blakes + nicknames (Bell) || The 100 || tumblr - allsonargent || Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake || Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos || Bectavia || Blake siblings

The Blakes nicknames for each other are the cutest. Bellamy- Bell, Octavia- O

The 100 and Greek Gods || Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, Commander Lexa, King Roan of Azgeda, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Lincoln kom Tri Kru || Bob Morley, Eliza Jane Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Lindsey Morgan, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Zach McGowan, Chris Larkin, Devon Bostick, Ricky Whittle

The 100 and Greek Gods. I actually agree with this, since I know what all the Greek Gods are like, and they fit perfectly