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The Nellie Bly Smoker — DIY How-to ~ Make a hot/cold food smoker from a 55-gallon steel drum.

The Nellie Bly Smoker — DIY How-to ~ Make a hot/cold food smoker from a steel drum.

UDS Ugly Drum Smoker - BBQ - how to build one, great for our first home and we are poor! Or a gift idea for Father's Day!

I've got entirely too much money tied up into this project. If I had more time, I could have scavenged most of the parts or picked.

How to make your own smoker!

This past fall I took an evening welding class at a local technical school and got very excited about making things out of metal. I already had an old stick welder that I didn’t really know h…

The No-Weld Double-Barrel Smoker - Survival at Home

The No-Weld Double-Barrel Smoker

In order to make a double-barrel smoker, one might naturally conclude that you need some barrels.

Here's how to build your own grill, smoker or hog cooker. Cheap.

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Build Your Own Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine On The Cheap - Didn't realize vertical wind turbines existed. The scale of this one and the fact that it supposedly doesn't require gale force winds to produce power makes it definitely worth looking into.

How to build a simple, inexpensive vertical-axis wind turbine The Zoetrope is a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) made from materials commonly found at your local hardware store and a few easily purchased online, and Applied Sciences