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Tights obsessed

Cool tights, leggings and pants at REFUSE TO BE USUAL plus one pair of cool shoes. Mostly the shop has Lolita/Emo clothes, but there are some gems hidden in there.

Steampunk XCVIII by aka-photography-uk on DeviantArt

Steampunk XCVIII by aka-photography-uk on DeviantArt

Marilyn Monroe with hairdresser Kenneth Battelle during the "Some Like It Hot" roadshow, Chicago, March 1959.

Kenneth Battelle working with Marilyn Monroe and her hair, circa Mr. Battelle who also had Jacqueline Kennedy as a client died on May 2013 at the age of He helped introduce the use of rollers to create a more "natural" hair style.


Harry Houdini Piloted the First Airplane That Flew Over Australia

Sophia Loren: pic #364246

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