" A crucible of souls", by Mitchell Hogan - When young Caldan's parents are brutally slain, the boy is raised by monks who initiate him into the arcane mysteries of sorcery.

A Crucible of Souls (Book One of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence) by Mitchell Hogan, Harper Voyager, September 2015

"The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender", by Leslye Walton - 'To my great misfortune, I was once mistaken for an angel.' Pain in love is the Roux family birthright. For Ava Lavender, a girl born with the wings of a bird, it is key to her fate. Ava traces the lives and loves of the Roux women as she tries to understand what has made her who she is and what she will become.

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"A Madness of Angels", by Kate Griffin - Two years after his untimely death, Matthew Swift finds himself breathing once again, lying in bed in his London home. Except that it's no longer his bed, or his home. And the last time this sorcerer was seen alive, an unknown assailant had gouged a hole so deep in his chest that his death was irrefutable...

"A Madness of Angels" in which Mathew Swift is resurrected, and out for revenge.

"The bear and the nightingale", by Katherine Arden - In a village at the edge of the wilderness of northern Russia, where the winds blow cold and the snow falls many months of the year, a stranger with piercing blue eyes presents a new father with a gift-- a precious jewel on a delicate chain, intended for his young daughter.

The Bear and the Nightingale: A Novel Katherine Arden: Jan 10 2017

"The city of brass", by S. A. Chakraborty - Nahri has never believed in magic. On the streets of 18th century Cairo she's a con woman of unsurpassed talent, and she knows better than anyone that the trade she uses to get by--palm readings, zars, healings--are all tricks; both a means of swindling Ottoman nobles and a reliable way to survive. But when Nahri accidentally summons a sly and mysterious djinn warrior to her side during one of her cons, she's forced to question all she believes.

Cover Reveal: City of Brass by S. Chakraborty - On sale November

"Red Sister", by Mark Lawrence - At the Convent of Sweet Mercy young girls are raised to be killers. Sweet Mercy hones its novices' skills to deadly effect: it takes ten years to educate a Red Sister in the ways of blade and fist. But even the mistresses of sword and shadow don't truly understand what they have purchased when Nona Grey is brought to their halls as a bloodstained child of eight.

Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor By Mark Lawrence Publisher: Ace 9781101988855 Expected Pages: 423 Genre: Fantasy Blurb: I was born for killing – the gods made me to ruin.

"Rivers of London", by Ben Aaronovitch - Probationary Constable Peter Grant dreams of being a detective in London’s Metropolitan Police. Too bad his superior plans to assign him to the Case Progression Unit, where the biggest threat he’ll face is a paper cut. But Peter’s prospects change in the aftermath of a puzzling murder, when he gains exclusive information from an eyewitness who happens to be a ghost.

Rivers of London (PC Peter Grant, book by Ben Aaronovitch - book cover, description, publication history.

"A darker shade of magic", by V. E. Schwab - Kell is one of the last Antari, a rare magician who can travel between parallel worlds: hopping from Grey London — dirty, boring, lacking magic, and ruled by mad King George — to Red London — where life and magic are revered, and the Maresh Dynasty presides over a flourishing empire — to White London — ruled by whoever has murdered their way to the throne, where people fight to control magic, and the magic fights back.

A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic, by V. Schwab - Science Fiction and Fantasy - October 2017

"Sorcerer to the crown", by Zen Cho - In Regency London, Zacharias Wythe is England's first African Sorcerer Royal. And that's only the first of his problems: ambitious orphan Prunella Gentleman is desperate to escape the school where she has drudged all her life, and a visit by the Sorcerer Royal seems the perfect opportunity. For Prunella has just stumbled upon English magic's greatest discovery in centuries and she intends to make the most of it.

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"The grace of kings", by Ken Liu - Wily, charming Kuni Garu, a bandit, and stern, fearless Mata Zyndu, the son of a deposed duke, seem like polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, the two quickly become the best of friends after a series of adventures fighting against vast conscripted armies, silk-draped airships, and shapeshifting gods.

The Grace of Kings (The Dandelion Dynasty, If you like epic fantasies and science fiction, you'll love The Grace of Kings.