Voltage Cycles brings retro cool to electric bicycles [w/video]

German court this week could potentially sink the value of diesel cars

Retro OTO Electric Bicycles

Cool retro bikes - OTO electric bicycles reach 65 km/h and feature start-stop system

Electric sidecar bicycle

Italy’s Bad Bike announces the Beach Vintage Side, advertised as the first electric sidecar bicycle in the world. With an exceptionally r.

Ubco 2x2 Utility Bike

Whether it's for work or play, the Ubco Utility Bike is equipped to take on whatever it encounters. The all wheel drive, electric motorbike features a lightweight structure combined with fantastic handling and excellent performance in all conditions.

perfect little bike side car

1930’s Watsonian Juvenile Sidecars

I want Lucy to ride in the side car! Hercules Popular Lady’s Bicycle with Watsonian Juvenile Sidecar" Alright, Lyons Howard, this is what we need!


Black Electric Bike

SPA (Società Piemontese Automobili) created this Italian concept-bike entirely electric. This luxury cars factory wanted to pay tribute to old cars in the desi

leaos carbon fiber electric bike is designed and handmade in italy

From Francesco Sommacal (Italy): LEAOS carbon urban design E-Bike