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"Corals, Homo sapiens – one degree of separation," Jenny Pollak, 2012, ceramic, 12x100x20cm: this artwork is a visual metaphor that captures how closely human actions affect coral species. The deathly skull paired with the bleached coral imagery heralds a warning for the future of our reefs.

Fascinating and inspiring. I'm getting so many wonderful ideas for my summer ceramics sculpture class.

Hedi Xandt

Hedi Xandt creates truly unsettling artwork of skulls, figures, and animals presented in a traditional sculpture format. He uses classical icons paired with shockingly “new” aesthetics to engage the viewer in a roller-coaster of emotions.

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@Michelle Mobley-Purvis  you get the materials for this Ill make it for you  :)

Behold the giant skull sculpture titled Very Hungry God by Sudobh Gupta. It's made out of hundreds of kitchen utensils, pots and pans. The kg (about one short ton) sculpture is now on display at the Frieze Art Fair in Regent's Park, London

Mini bonsai gardens on top of skulls are gorgeously wicked

Grave Yard Bonsai Mountain Skulls are a unique take on “Memento mori” art. “Remember that you can die” in latin, this art aims to remind us of our own mortality

Jim Skull - artnau | artnau

Skulls by Jim DineJim Dine is one of the most recognizable and prolific of American artists. His work is characterized by the invention, repetition, and reinvention of now-familiar themes, the human.