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Part of the IMPRINT project by NINA WARMERDAM."For the IMPRINT project I create a new pattern every 48 hours. It is a way for me to do what I love and at the same time push myself to keep discovering new techniques and stay innovative.

//, Emma Formstone

DIY inspo abstract floral flowers print wallpaper repeating pattern pastel colors pink lilac yellow background hand painted pattern graphic design art pattern pretty pastels with pops of black

Hawaiian fabric shop

Nice split design for any pattern. Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom

Dutch Sky Wallpaper / Little Owl Design

Storm grey white and lilac cloudy sky print Little Owl Design: "Dutch Sky" Wallpaper.

Abstract painting / Michael Chase / Black and white / Varying sizes of cardboard cut into strips and used as a mark making tool. Ink, powder paint and acrylic. Create surface texture with Calk or Pollyfiller and then rub in a glaze or wash.

atelier LZC

The life of a London Stylist: Thom Browne - Exciting, Original, Crazy, everything I loveeeeee in mens design.


Earlier this year, designer Petra Lundblad-Fridén has created this series of hauntingly beautiful, inkblot-like printed carpets for the Swedish rug

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Everything Is Anything Else – a collaborative project/forthcoming exhibition of photographs by Jason Lukas, Zachary Norman, and Aaron Hegert. It is a closed circuit exploration of the conditions and possibilities of photography in the contemporary moment.