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DIY: cat quilt

DIY black cat quilt - Making this VERY soon. I might put one of the cats a different color just to switch it up a bit (and because I have two black cats and one prissy white one.

Japanese Matchbox Label

by Ellen Raskin 1963 Japanese matchbox label The Living Symbol cover by Paul Rand 1961 Vintage French educational book cover,

Adriana Lozano

Adriana Lozano ( do night painting of the small hill over hill road by lake hemet. Rabbits darting back and forth in the headlights. Gesso a playing card for a drawing surface.

Josef Frank textile for Svenskt Tenn. Stockholm

Josef Frank textile for Svenskt Tenn. Stockholm Levels, fore and background

feathers // elza sunderland, 1941

Unfinished Textile Design from 'Birds of a Feather' Series; by Elza Sunderland (Hungary, active United States, California, - 1941