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The former Soviet Roads Ministry Building in Tbilisi, finished in 1975 is a prime example of great Soviet architecture



Molly Priddy on Twitter: "Reasons women were institutionalized in an asylum. Tag yourself, I'm both "suppressed masturbation" and "deranged masturbation""

pokesthedeadwithsticks: “dwellerinthewoods: “delphinecxmier: “caffeinepants: “actionables: “ doomy: “ topsecretumbreonage: “ Reasons to be admitted to an insane asylum from 1864 to 1889 Tag yourself, I’m Seduction and Disappointment ” kicked in head.

15 DIY Concrete Ideas For A Chic Minimal Design

PIN SEVEN: Concrete light, used as a unique industrial design. I imagine this light to be found in warehouse used as a design studio/business. The cracking in the concrete allows the netting material behind to be visible and adds texture to the light.