Fabian Ciraolo - my favourite artist

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Princess Diana ~ music is my boyfriend

Punk Rock Princess Diana by fab ciraolo-these are amazing. i love all of them. Diana is so beautiful.

Edward Scissor Hands, Johnny Depp

Edward Scissor Hands, version: Cultural Icons Remixed As Hipsters And Hooligans, in the world of illustrator Fabian Ciraolo.

Dorothy wears Empire of the sun

oldschool heroes: pop icons with retro hipster flavor. artist: Fab Ciraolo empire of the sun

Frida kahlo wears daft punk i love fabian ciraolo

Frida kahlo wears daft punk i love fabian ciraolo

F u

Santiago based illustrator Fab Ciraolo takes pop icons, models and superheroes and illustrates them with a modern and fashionable twist.

These new art fuckers are full of shit.

"PABLO PICASSO" Fab Ciraolo -I love how he captured the spirit of Picasso in this piece. I completely believe that Picasso would have taken up street art immediately because, well, he did everything else. He would also be better than you.