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Red Lilies

orhideea and ornament Lily tattoo might be the largest group among flower tattoos except rose tattoos. Lily is a so popular flower and has rich symbolic meanings in different cultures and much of the world. In Christianity, the lily… Continue Reading →

Arm Tattoos for Women Arm Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoo designs have various shape and color. You need to have a good design that will increase your appeal. Arm tattoo is quite popular among men and women.

I don't necessarily like the tattoo but if I get flowers I want them to look soft like this with no outline. :)

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Amanda Wachob

I love Amanda Wachob's work and the way her tattoos look like she took a brush to a canvas. I have my heart set on a floral piece for my next tat, but I'm a bit hesitant about the idea of colour. At the same time though, how beautiful is this?