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Engineer Creates a Unique 3D Metal Printer for Just $2 | Prints in Gold, Platinum, Iron & More

In fact, take away all those zeros, and you're left with the price that Argentineans engineer Gastón Accardi paid to create his very own metal printer prototype: two dollars.

A flash drive can add available RAM to your computer.

If your computer seems slow, and you have already gone through making sure there are no viruses, spyware or adware on the system, it may be because your system needs more RAM.

Low-cost 3-D printing has given designers and engineers tremendous freedom—as long as they only need to design products made of plastic. Sure, 3-D printable plastics are available in a rainbow of colors. And yes, there are corn-based plastics, glow-in-the dark plastics, and even color-changing plastics with glitter mixed in. But if an engineer needs to…

Formlabs Whips Up New Squishy, Shiny Printing Materials. Imagine the possibilities for assistive tech and Printing for people who are blind using this flexible material.

Founded in 2002 by manufacturing designer Max Durney and now gaining traction, Industrial Origami has come up with a strong, simple, brilliant, and relatively inexpensive way to build things: By precision folding sheets of aluminum and steel.As reported by Barbara Taormina in Energy Digital, An Industrial Origami designed product starts...

The technique provides parts with surprising strength, in addition to the benefits listed above. Industrial Origami has already lined up big-name clients like Bentley Motors and Whirlpool and has some