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Secrets of Shred with Sammy Boller: Eddie Van Halen-Style Speed-Picking Technique — Video

In this lesson, I’ll be showing you a relatively unknown picking technique used by my favorite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

Beyond Blues: Altered-Scale Secrets

Unlock the secrets of implying altered sounds over dominant chords using the Super Locrian scale.

Theory development..nice...sort of like Maslow's hierarchy of needs...for music theory ..

Nice idea for developing music theory skills but I'd say learn major and minor scales together so they have equal weight. (Something I wish I'd had in my music education!

Opheilia 001 - front.JPG

Opheilia 001 - front.JPG

Neanderthals Built Mystery Cave Rings 175,000 Years Ago  - PopularMechanics.com

Neanderthals weren't just more sophisticated than you thought. They also built structures deep inside caves.