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Cool corner frames

(Hummm, neat idea, but uncertain on photos wrapping around the corner. The frames could meet up on the edge, but think the frames still might be best if they met in the corner but that each wall had its own photo frame.

Restaurant in the sky. Located in a number of countries. Gourmet dinner served in a restaurant lifted way high and then brought down at the end. The kitchen/chef is in the middle of the dining area. #restaurants #unique places #food #gourmet

Dinner in the Sky (Brussels, Belgium ) The sky is obviously not the limit at this restaurant in Belgium. Here, a crane will lift you and your entire dining experience 150 feet up in the air.

The Alpine Martini from the former Cascadia restaurant in Seattle had a DOUGLAS FIR SORBET "snowball" at the bottom. It was so delicious. Man. Who else misses that drink?    (@Haley Van Liew Edwards, I feel like we must've enjoyed a few together.)

Place vodka in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Place a perfectly round scoop of sorbet (lemon or lime is best) in the bottom of the glass. Stick a cedar frond into scoop of sorbet. Pour chilled vodka over the top. Sorbet should float

Modular Fast Food Packaging

Industrial designer Zoran Svraka at Istragrafika has created a family of packaging solutions for the fast food industry

Bio-Plus EARTH Take Out Boxes

Bio-Plus EARTH Take Out Boxes - like the whole foods ones. Cute way to send guests home with leftovers. Also good idea for cookie/dessert parties, or to send extra food to your neighbors.