Core Maori Principles and Values - a useful visual reminder

One thing that is very evident in their culture is respect for each other and strong relationships even between and elders and a younger people. The are very spiritual and their bonds between each other are great.

Te reo Māori resource- Growth Mindset... I can!

The Te Reo Māori classroom - heaps of great stuff (including this growth mindset piece).

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Are tui birds my new favorite bird just because I love waking up to their bird call? Yes, yes they are (I do also truly love takahe and the way they look like dinosaur chickens)

Karakia Tūwhera

Te Roopū whanau minutes 12 March - 2015 Whanau arrived between and Rosie started with karakia - then we had a kai Whanau members p.

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Te Reo Puawai Māori Te Reo Manahua Maori Tense Markers: Vocabulary: He reo tupu, he reo ora The ā and ō categories http:&

Te Wheke

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