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Indian Wild dog

"Dhole" by James Selwood (Indian Wild Dog) Beautiful! Dholes (aka Asian wild dog) are a primitive canine species whose habitat is in Thailand, Russia, China, and India. With less than in the wild, they are an endangered species.

So cute

Cute Cats And Kittens And Dogswallpapers Kittens Puppy Cu Cute Dog . Kitten Black Maine Coon Kitten With Golden Cocker Spaniel Puppy. Cute Dogs And Cats Cute Cats And Dogs


A veterinarian of the Mulhouse zoo bottle-feeds Dimbi, a blue-eyed black lemur cub (Eulemur flavifrons) on April in Mulhouse. Theres currently less than 2000 blue-eyed black lemurs in nature


Mother Grizzly Bear with Four Cubs Wallpaper from Animal-Lovers. A Grizzly Bear sow can have anywhere from one to two or three cubs at a time, four cubs are rare. This mother has her work cut out for her, keeping track of 4 cubes cannot be easy.


His little hands, his striped tail, his tiny marmoset tongue! This petite fellow was born in Eberswalde, Germany, and is being hand-raised so that his mom has enough milk for his two older siblings.