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Rebekah Wearing

Rebekah Wearing
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Vector art was a category I came across later in my research stage. It drew me in by its minimal, flat and simple design yet it was still able to speak to its audience. This art has sourced inspiration to me for my own artworks and style of my drawing.


Inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn, this unique high quality print features Aloy framed against the games beautiful landscape. This image attempts to capture Horizons evocative visual style through light, shape, color, and scale. *Due to the fineness of detai

They are not dainty flowers with no bad things about them. People say they shouldn't get offended by this but when people actually believe this, then whenever a woman does something human she is immediately seen as disgusting and "unlady like"

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Be Careful About "Missing Person" Posts. It's one thing to circulate a current…<missing person posts are always so annoying and I'm always sceptical about them.