Pork and apple burger patties - Healthy Food Magazine July 2007

Pork and apple burgers - (courgette = zucchini for the non French speakers)

Bolognese Sauce

Marinara Sauce - oil - 2 medium onions - lean ground beef - 4 garlic cloves - tomato paste - 4 cans tomatoes in juice - carrots- Worcestershire sauce - sugar

Mini chicken meat loaves

Healthy Mini Chicken Meat Loaves ready in 30 mins - make individual mini loaves in muffin pans and serve with mashed potatoes and greens

HFG meat loaf | Healthy Food Guide - August 2007

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Press into a medium sized loaf tin (around Cover with foil and cook at for 30 minutes. Remove foil and cook for a further minutes or until.

Mum's meatballs - The meatballs and sauce (without the sour cream) freeze well so you can always freeze half for another time.

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Best beefburger  HFG Jan 2009

Place mince in a large bowl. Add vegetables, tomato paste, chilli sauce, breadcrumbs and seasoning. For a smoother texture, mix ingredients in a food processor. Use hands to bind mixture an.

Humble pie with lentils

Cook lentils in plenty of water until tender – approximately 40 minutes. Place potatoes in a saucepan of cold water and bring to the boil. Simmer until tender, then.

Tasty HFG burgers - with mince, lentils or beans and veges  HFG Jan 2006

Crunchy Quinoa Grilled Turkey Burger (low-fat) used French onion seasoning, cooked quinoa in beef broth, BBQ sauce added to meat, grated pink onions.

South american-style pork mince wraps

South american-style pork mince wraps - nice flavour, but takes longer than a taco seasoning packet. Good if you want to try soft tacos from scratch

Tasty mince balls | Healthy Food Guide - February 2011

Preheat oven to Lightly grease a baking tray. In a large bowl beat egg then add evaporated milk and beat. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Use a fork to make sure rice is evenl.

Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs

Easy Recipe: Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs omit oil for phase 2 make 4 servings of meatballs

Pasta & beans with pork ragù recipe from Cuisine Magazine

Rocket & watercress soup with scallop dumplings recipe from Cuisine Magazine - might try replacing the scallops with salmon