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the coolest thing ever

and not permanent! For my dragon statue<<< Ooh.something fun and.NOT ILLEGAL! :D >>>> THIS IS AWESOME! I wonder if I can do this to my school without getting in trouble?

Successfully potty train your child in JUST 3 DAYS! I followed this method and my child was 100% trained by the end of day 3- I can not believe how well this works!

Even though he's already mostly trained. A Handy Guide to successfully potty training your child in JUST 3 DAYS! I was very skeptical but decided to try this method, and my child was TRAINED by the end of day I can not believe how well this works!

99 Awesome Tattoos for Women – Part III | Tattoos Mob

Female shoulder tattoo: dream catcher flower feather lace -- absolutely LOVE this!

Represents roots, strength, resilience, foundation, spirituality, salvation, and growth.

Small Tattoo Ideas including new designs of bird, feather, butterfly and small tree tattoo designs. Small Tattoo Ideas for fashionable girls and men.