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Grounding is one of the best coping skills, as it is easy to do and can be done…

Time: 5 minutes (beginning or end of treatment) Contraindications: clients with a cognitive impairment, clients with difficulty sustaining attention OT Goal: Encourage client to return to reality, increase attention to task, decrease stress/anxiety

Some questions to help you start understanding & identifing some of your core values. **This a great idea for those that need help with pin pointing theirs.

Even when survivors distance themselves from a toxic person, we often still hear their voice in our heads, drowning out our own inner-voice and reaffirming the doubt that was planted a long time ago. In effect, we have a bully in our head.

Irrational vs Rational Thoughts, be sure to never say irrational things even in gest in front of the kids. This is self esteem vs. Self Efficacy

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