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this is so cute

I can predict what people are going to say. When I was younger, I managed to call taxies and "make it rain".<<< It sounds really stupid but I have never had brain freeze in my whole life no matter how much ice cream or things that are similar I consume


Wait but it's not fair for the 'magical stuff' to remain furniture and not turn back to human forms. Idk the writer would have to consider that

20+ dystopian teen books worth reading. These will keep fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent busy for a while!

Dystopian Literature has been a fast growing genre among young adult readers. I think that this is because young adults like the stories of people around or close to their age rising up against injustice and fighting for their beliefs.

I have read 3 of these

I don't WANT to be heartbroken so I need to know to NOT read these! Grab the tissues! These 16 books will leave you heartbroken like Jojo Moyes's Me Before You.