caliber style assault rifle with a suppressor, a spade grip Eotech holographic sight, a 100 round drum magazine, a wide base, low clearance tripod mount.


Shoe Tack How many thumbs up to this? Shoe Tack Custom 5 Gun,Gun Rack made from Horseshoes And Custom Hydrodipped in a Vista… DIY Pallet Entry Bench / Shoe

Four Square Man for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints

Four Square Man for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints. Original concept and drawing attributed to Dick Frizell. (Father of Otis, another great artist)

Jono Rotman - New Zealand Gang Member of The Mighty Mongrel Mob.

Amazing (and controversial) portrait of a NZ gang member and accused murderer [Photo by Jono Rotman] [xpost r/newzealand]

New Zealand Gang - The Mongrel Mob

New Zealand's urban outlaws

The words New Zealand and gangs may seem incongruous but the country has an outlaw culture that spans whole generations, the BBC's Rebecca Kesby reports.

chur buddaz

Fine Art Print Image size in millimetres: 735 x 480 This print is a superb fine art reproduction. "Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke" is a wonderful print by one of New Zealand's favourite artists, Dick.


Lemon and Parroa Icon in Paeroa New Zealand. This is our National Fizzy Drink.