Ricky Achterstraat

Ricky Achterstraat

Ricky Achterstraat
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This is my Transformation Video! I hope this video inspires and motivates you! It took alot of hard work! I hope you en.

wedding vows

I am totally doing this if I hand write my vows! & get married! handwritten vows framed side by side so you can keep them and remember what you promised one another :) There is also a knot tied at the bottom with the date.

Top 10 belly fat burning foods

Top 10 belly fat burning foods- I don't like Almonds.but I might have to give them another try.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Men – Quick Tips to Help You Burn Fat at Lightning Speed

If you need to lose weight fast then keep an eye on the latest healthy living tips. - Healthy Living, Body Cleansing and Fitness - Body Cleansing - Fitness and Healthy Tips

Depending on which is the beast, the beast could be a bit more beastly ...

Ideas for future photoshoot. Who wants to do it with me :) Sexy beautiful couple fitness health muscles topless chest abs stomach tattoo