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Japanese Superfood Miso Soup

This Superfood miso soup uses a homemade dashi stock made with dried kombu (kelp), shiitake mushrooms, and bonito flakes. Add soft tofu, lots of healthy spinach, scallions, and miso results in a much heartier miso soup than your favorite Japanese restaurant or sushi place.

Lotus Seeds, Longan And Persimmon Sweet Soup

Lotus Seeds, Longan And Persimmon Sweet Soup

Today is Chinese New Year Eve and I am sure most of the young kids are very excited about the "Ang Bao(s)" that they are going to collect over the long weekend holiday. And for the adults, especially all the "Mums'" no doubts most of you will be busying in the kitchen preparing all the yummy food for reunion dinner. Ladies from the younger generation perhaps you can also contribute some easy Chinese New Year "Auspicious" sweet soup as after meal dessert to pamper the elderly for preparing…

garlic clam chicken soup 蛤蜊蒜頭雞湯

蛤蜊蒜頭雞湯 - 食譜自由配 - 自由電子報


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Chicken Feet and Peanut Soup - Souper Diaries

Tasty, nutritious and wholesome chicken feet soup recipe - an anti-aging soup containing collagen good for your skin and bones.

[$20 Budget Meal] Five Nuts Soup and Steamed Dumplings with Assorted Vegetables

Quick and Easy meal that comes with good and healthy combination of meat and vegetables are always something that busy working adults or parents look for. Here we have a fusion of Asian Steamed Dumpling with array of colourful vegetables such as Pumpkin, Carrots, Peas and Broccoli that will definitely cheers up your Monday Blue evening. These two sets of Steamed Dumpling and Five Nuts Soup meal only cost about S$12.20 which can serves around 2 - 3 persons. To make a complete meal, I have…

Chinese Pear Soup Recipe - Souper Diaries

A delicious anti-aging soup that nourishes your throat and lungs and has anti-aging properties.

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Pear & Snow Fungus Sweet Soup ~Pressure Cooker Recipe 简易版~霜雪糖水 - 润燥滋阴, 养颜, 清心润肺

I love dessert especially this kind of nourishing dessert that is good for skin. However I hardly cook this because the cooking time is about 4 hours simmering in a slow cooker. Click here for slow cooker version of Pear & Snow Fungus Sweet Soup recipe. Seriously, it's quite time consuming and my problem is ... the slow cooker takes up so much space of my worktop for that half day of cooking. You will get what I mean if only you have a small kitchen with limited worktop space ;) It's been a…

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Winter Melon Soup

Nourish your body with a nutritious and healthy winter melon soup. This easy to prepare Chinese soup combines winter melon with tofu, Chinese mushrooms, and bean curd sticks.

Chinese Apple Herbal Soup ~ Ingredients
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Chinese Apple Herbal Soup

9 reviews
2 hours

Do you have a favorite soup to order in a Chinese restaurant? For the longest time, my parents always get Apple Soup (蘋果湯) whenever we go to one. The restaurant…

Winter melon (Chinese: 冬瓜) is widely consumed throughout Asia in savory dishes and sweets. The Chinese believes that winter melon helps reduce heat, and is good to be consumed in hot summer weather and/or after eating too many fried food. One of the most straightforward way to enjoy winter melon is…

Winter Melon Soup

14 reviews
1.5 hours

Learn how to cook this easy, healthy, and delicious traditional Chinese winter melon soup (冬瓜汤) with pork ribs, red dates/jujube, and goji berries.

Cuisine Paradise | Singapore Food Blog | Recipes, Reviews And Travel: Seah's Herbal Chicken Soup

Seah's Herbal Chicken Soup

Soup! Most reader of this blog knows that I can't do without Soup and I love to boil soup. I believed a bowl of hot and comfort soup will make a great different for rainy days meal or even to revive your soul from tiring days at work. Chicken soup is always the best and comfort soup found in every home whereby you can see almost all the mothers will boil chicken essence/soup to strength our body and soul during our school time or staying up late at nights. White Fungus - 雪耳 nourishes the… - The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat | The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community - Free Live Sex Video Chat