KRYON-V.I.P message to all channels! Ascension and the divine plan expla...

KRYON-V.P message to all channels! Ascension and the divine plan expla.

CAEAYARON (KRYON)- Peace & Love How? 5/10/16

The beautiful archangel of love, Caeayaron, shows us how to evolve up higher.

AMMORAH- Pleiadians 25/9/16

The beautiful Ammorah (Pleiadian High Priestess) blesses us with a little explanation of what life as a Pleiadian is like.

LORD MAITREYA & CAEAYARON Healing In UK Weekly Workshop 18/8/16

Every week Suzanna holds workshops in Colchester, UK. She channels consciously and unconsciously for two hours of beautiful healing, knowledge and angel gift.

CAEAYARON- Your Circuits & Programs of Ascension 20/7/16

CAEAYARON explains our electromagnetic circuits of ascension & the battle of darkness against light. He speaks of the highly ascended beings that are on eart.

CAEAYARON-Humans Are Gifted With The Key To Ascend The Whole Universe 31...

Caeayaron (Kryon) teaches of how we are now entering a whole new phase of ascension into our deeper spiritual truths and multidimensional beings, which are w.

CAEAYARON- Imagine I Gave You Your Own Universe 13/8/16

Caeayaron summarises where the human collective are, on this day, on the ascension path.

KRYON - Awakening the Spiritual Heart & Meditation to open the Heart - P...

KRYON - Awakening the Spiritual Heart & Meditation to open the Heart - P.

KRYON (CAEAYARON)- The channels of Kryon and game of dark and light expl...

KRYON (CAEAYARON) explains the game of dark and light. He explains the different channels of his being, the difference between them, where their information .

CAEAYARON (KRYON) explains our fall into darkness & evolution 19/4/16

Kryon explains the details of how we fell into darkness. He explains what happened when we did, what part The Pleiadians played, Lemuria, Atlantis and what t.

KRYON (CAEAYARON); Evolution 03 May 2016

Caeayaron speaks of our physical and spiritual evolution. He speaks of how Lord Emmanuel The Great created Kryon from love, who created The Divine Love Eleme.

CAEAYARON (KRYON)-Please Wake Up! 26/4/16

Caeayaron reminds the people that this is a time for action.


Kryon (Caeayaron) revealed that Lee is no longer channelling his Being at the end of a workshop Suzanna was giving to teach people how to channel divine love.

SUZANNA MARIA EMMANUEL Speaks of KRYON & her chanelling 15/3/16

The beautiful Suzanna Maria Emmanuel talks of Kryon and her channelling and healing. She speaks of her international mission and move to UK this year.