Maori pattern

Maori patterns - koru (silver fern) and fish hook designs. Traditional colours - white, black and red - New Zealand

Dion Seeling - Maori Design Gallery

PhotoAll About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora. Quality work by Professional Artist.

Maori art, New Zealand

This lovely art piece catches the cultural diversity of New Zealand and it's native people - the Maori

Maori-torea-bone-carving-pendants (another pin of the same, said these were Oystercatcher bones, but I cannot confirm that).

Ngaru | Kowhaiwhai Wall Art

An amazing variety of Maori Carvings originally carved in Rotorua. These carvings include Waka (canoe) some bowls and a Wakahuia (teasure bowl).

JMP dragonfly. Son. The upper left wing of this Maori styled dragonfly has the JMP letters cut out as maorigrams while the upper right one has a koru for new life and a double spiral for eternity and family. The lower wings include the[...] More at

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