Pohutakawa, New Zealand from www.lilmisskiwi.blogspot.com

Pohutakawa Tree - if the tree flowers early it's going to be a good summer, if it flowers late, it's not :)

New Zealand koru sculpture with native flax behind

There's a Koru sculpture in the small rose garden where my Rhapsody in Blue roses grow. The Koru is a strong New Zealand form, spiritual and peaceful, a symbol of life's growth - it represents the fern frond opening.

Chionochloa rubra  New Zealand plants: Golden red tussock grass

New Zealand plants for UK gardens - in pictures

Fabulous book.

New Zealand native plants are a sight to admire the green foliage is so powerful among the flowers in the garden. Silver fern towering above the shrubs keeping the roots cool in the hot sun.

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