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Reward chart for good behavior. When the squares are full he gets a trip to Toys R Us for a new toy. When he doesn't do as he's asked I take a sticker from the square.

Essential oils for autism - Get the free guide explaining the best essential oils to use for children with autismTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Using Essential Oils To Help With Autism - #OrganicAromas #EssentialOils #Autism

Before we get into essential oils' role in helping with autism or which ones can be used, we need to first understand what autism is, and how it effects those

This as well as a few other diagnoses to learn more about how I could help our kiddos at school.

i dont have an autism child but a child with other special needs who is nonverbal. just to see how he is feeling and what he is thinking would be such a blessing

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Christmas dinner in an Autism household, where you can spend all day cooking a fabulous meal & still have to heat up chicken nuggets because your child won't eat anything else.

Be sure you know the situation or the kid BEFORE you give an unwanted, unsolicited, and extremely untimely opinion!

Said No Autism Parent Ever! Keep staring, keep making remarks, sorry my child overacts about of the things we say to her. Obviously, You do not have patience enough for an angel with autism.