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Hadn't thought about it that way before! (At least in terms of the musical. This is much more apparent in the book.) On my own is not a friendzoned song.

I'm laughing so hard.

I read the last comment and started chocking. I'm laughing so hard. I apologize in advance to my friends whom will be hearing the is regally!

Les Mis

grantaire choosing to die with enjolras rather than facing living without him. I'm not crying, you're crying. Also, Javertbot error.

Renaming les mis songs... PERFECT

The REAL titles to the Les Mis Songs! Personal favorites: Eddie Redmayne Sang It Better; the Colors Song; Javert finds Waldo >> I profusely apologize for any profanity.

Hans feels

Hans feels // I did NOT need these feels today. I'd just convinced myself that I truly hate Hans. Well, there goes THAT. darn and I honestly thought he was the most evil villain in a disney movie ever (except for the poacher that killed bambi's mom)