Morepork with Trout

Morepork with Trout, Charcoal on paper, x

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, charcoal on paper, x Framed

Baby Morepork

Baby Morepork

Livvi with Myna Birds

Liam Gerrard Turns The Grotesque Into The Wondrous Just With A Stick Of Charcoal On Paper

Mosaic Skull

Mosaic Skull, Charcoal on paper, x

Carousel Horse

Rasputin and Empress Alexandra

Wolf Pug

I'm Liam Gerrard a 31 year old New Zealand artist who draws big pictures with dirty, dusty, smudgy, charcoal. A lot of the time I draw animals.


Liam Gerrard is a New Zealand-based artist and illustrator. Liam works predominantly in large-scale charcoal portraiture.