sandi skellern

sandi skellern

sandi skellern
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KARIN ERICKSSON, HANGINGS & MOBILES  ...must look up.  ...and I need to pilfer some fishing line from the little guy's tackle box.

not to devalue this idea at all, but i can think of ways of doing this with paper very, very in a rush before vistors come. KARIN ERICKSSON, HANGINGS & MOBILES: like having beach finds on your wall.

mark tuckey

twig art by Mark Tuckey INSPIRATION.twig and/or wire mini sculpture toppers for my pieces.

Van Gogh quote

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Van Gogh – On image of hummingbird taken in Tucson, Arizona, by Florence McGinn This quote would be better suited for an image of something in nature people generally Don't find beautiful.