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Gray Hair!

How Bourgeois: Tips & Tricks for Successfully Growing Your Gray Hair Out! I'll need this in a few years when my grey evens out. Right now it is too patchy!

gray hair transition + those curls! to get it ... How to flaunt it!

Pinning for when I decide to go gray. Add gray/silver high lights when growing out color to blend the line between dyed hair and new growth. The Un-Makeover: A Chic Designer Goes Gray

I wish I had freckles.....sometimes lol

Lots of gorgeous purple hairstyle inspiration! And a technical term for you today… OMBRÉ: having colors or tones that shade into each other — used especially for fabrics and hairstyles…

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Great way to hide the grey hairs, put silver grey highlights in hair instead. So, I'm not getting the gray color I want, but I'll be getting highlights instead.